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Shinobi - Trouble Music Video

We directed/shot this music video for the band Shinobi ( at an amazing location in Alexandria. It's an abandoned factory that gives many talented graffiti artists a place to express themselves, it feels very dead, but at the same time very alive.

We had one day to shoot the whole thing and only about 3-4 hours to shoot the band shots, but we got through about 11, two camera takes, as well as the necessary shots we needed of the band around the location. We shot on Canon XHA1's (HDV) and used pretty much only natural light. We left happy, but wet.

The edit took about a week and a half to complete and then once it was locked, it was onlined & graded in Adobe After Effects. We wanted to make it really gritty, uncomfortable, kinetic and somehow "alcoholic" with the edit and grade, so hopefully you feel something like that when you watch it.

Overall it was a real fun project to be involved with and the guys & girls involved with the band were super easy to work with. Special thanks to Pepper Ingram who shot some BTS snaps - check out her site, she's way good.