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Welcome to our new site!

Well after 2 years and a few internal changes, we finally have updated our site. 

It's always a challange in our industry to find time to work on your own work, and when you do, the last thing you want to do is spend more time looking at a computer screen! But with a quiet July, we were able to catch up on a few outstanding projects and start a couple more.

The last few years has seen a few shifts in our direction as a company with us dropping a few of our services and focusing more closely on Corporate work, Design, original content & producing for Television.

Television is a new direction for us and is proving to be quite an intensive process. From finding finance and developing partnerships with existing brands, to the technical challenges of shooting on small budgets and crews. We started with support from 5 community channels around Australia and have more recently been picked up by Channel 7 to supply our 1st series to 7two later in the year. 








 At the same time Sketchbook has continued to provide its design & media solutions to an incresingly broad client base, and are continuing to develop strong relationships with some exciting brands... stay tuned :)

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