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Unique Animated content

Motion Graphics combines the effectiveness of strong design elements with the impact of moving pictures. It has a wide range of applications that can add big production value to your project, bringing brands to life and giving creative pieces a distinct edge.

Title sequences:
Introductions, credits & logo resolves

Animated spreadsheets, charts, statistics adding an extra level of communication to the diagram, reinforcing understanding

Live event, On screen media:
For live presentations & performances. Reinforcing themes, key messages & adding a higher level of audience engagement

Video pieces that require unique visual approaches such as Music Videos

Animated educational materials:
Incresing viewer engagement & reinforcing concepts through multi modal delivery



SOUND Production

Creating Strong Audio support for your visual communication

Audio is the ‘unseen’ value-add in any production. Strong audio combined with the right soundtrack and effects can be the difference between a good video and a great video.

Capturing strong audio:
when capturing audio in the field we use first class audio recording equipment to ensure strong content delivery. Studio recordings are used as required

Professional Voice Overs:
Sketchbook is a member of one of the largest Voice Over agencies in the world we can source the professional voice that your next production requires.

Customised Sound Tracks:
Sketchbook is connected to some extremely talented musicians and composers who create unique sound designs to give your project the production value edge.