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Corporate Video

Sketchbook offers contemporary professional production services to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Sketchbook combines corporate & educational expertise to provide a platform that understands your business’s needs as well as how to effectively communicate them. Digital Media continues to grow as a effective means of communicating key messages both internally and externally. Common services include:

  • Induction & Training videos
  • key internal employee communications
  • Promotional videos for trade shows
  • Television commercials

Original Content

Sketchbook produces content for various mediums including TV and online. We offer production services at each stage of the process. Projects include TV series, TVC’s, Documentaries, Music Videos, Promotional Videos.


Sketchbook offers many post production services onsite & off site, including:
  • Editing
  • Colour Grading
  • Motion Graphics
  • DVD Authoring & Duplication
  • Package / Cover Design


Pre-Event production Multimedia is a powerful tool to use during live events, from Conference Openers and Keynote speakers to Live Performance Screen Visuals, there’s a wide range of uses for creating content to be played at a live a event.

Live Event Coverage Multiple cameras can capture all the live action during the event, cameras can broadcast live to projector screens at the event and/or record the action for later use. Vox Pops are a great way of gaining feedback at live events.